Article by Eva Miller

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DCHS has gained A LOT of new staff members since the 2020-2021 school year!

Davie County High School has gained many new staff members who bring unique personalities and perspectives on teaching to the faculty. Katherine Ahrens is the newest addition to the Spanish department, teaching both Spanish I and Spanish II. 

Instead of introducing her, we’ll let her introduce herself: “I’m Mrs. Ahrens, I’m goofy and weird but sometimes fun!” Mrs. Ahrens’ classes allow for a fun and encouraging environment to explore an unfamiliar language, all while encouraging students to learn through hands-on activities and communication with peers. 

When asked about what made Davie County Schools stand out to her personally, Mrs. Ahrens stated that the interview questions seemed more personable and geared towards individuality rather than simply employing for the sake of staff numbers. She appreciates how the faculty is close-knit and describes the Spanish department as being not just coworkers, but also friends. 

“Davie made me feel seen as both a person and an employee rather than some larger counties who just want employees for the numbers,” Mrs. Ahrens said. Her favorite thing about Davie High School is getting to know the students’ diverse personalities.

To students who are considering taking Spanish, Mrs. Ahrens gives the advice of: “Don’t be afraid to take Spanish; embrace what you don’t know and see it as an adventure rather than something to be afraid of. Do something you enjoy with the language.” Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take a class that intimidates you. 

The Weekly Talon and DCHS give Mrs. Ahrens the same warm welcome to the War Eagle family that she gives to her students!