Image by Kara Brusseau

Article by Aria Tronsen

Kara Brusseau is one of the newest additions to the Davie County High School Staff and War Eagle Family! She has taken up roles as a teacher assistant with the Soaring Eagles and as a bus driver. Her husband, Matthew Brusseau, is now the band director for Davie High and they made the transition to Davie from Lincoln County together in late October 2021.

When asked about the difficulties of teaching during Covid, Mrs. Brusseau emphasized that masks in particular made teaching difficult for her and the other special needs teachers. Not only did the masks cause enunciation issues for both the students and teachers, they made it very hard to communicate with those who are hard of hearing and need to read lips.

Mrs. Brusseau says she enjoys working with the Soaring Eagles because “It is a constant reminder that everyone is different and our differences make us better as a community.” She works hard every day to help her students learn life skills that they can use beyond the classroom. 

Mrs. Brusseau says that she feels welcomed in Davie County and says it is a great community to be a part of. She is excited to see what the future holds. Davie County High School and The Weekly Talon are excited to welcome Mrs. Kara Brusseau to Davie County and wish her luck as she continues in her teaching career!