Pictured is the Davie Football Team warming up before the game 

Article by: Sophia Brady 

This past Friday was the first playoff game between Davie and Mt. Tabor. Luckily for War Eagle fans, the game was hosted at Davie. This created an exhilarating atmosphere that echoed through the stadium as players warmed up for the game. During regular season play, Davie fell short to Mt. Tabor, losing 35-34. Unfortunately, this game was the same. Davie lost 48-26 to Mt. Tabor and was eliminated from the playoffs.  

The game started with Davie taking possession of the ball but being unable to get a first down. Throughout the next few minutes, Davie and Mt. Tabor traded possessions, but neither was able to score. Finally, Davie’s offense took charge, pushing the ball into Mt. Tabor’s red zone. On a fourth down play, quarterback Ty Miller was able to get the ball into the endzone with a two-yard rushing touchdown. This play was completed with a good PAT putting the score at 0-7 Davie. Mt. Tabor was quickly able to use their possession to throw a forty-yard passing touchdown, tying the score 7-7. Late in the first quarter, Mt. Tabor completed another passing touchdown. 

Going into the second quarter down by seven, Davie was able to push down the field, reaching Mt. Tabor’s fifteen-yard line. Unfortunately, they were unable to get a first down and had to turn the ball over on possessions. This allowed Mt. Tabor to take control and hand the ball off for an eight-yard rushing touchdown, putting the score at 21-7. Davie was unable to score on the next possession, allowing Mt. Tabor to take possession of the ball and score a two-yard touchdown. Davie was able to snap Mt. Tabor’s scoring streak when running back Markel Summers scored a seven-yard rushing touchdown; unfortunately, the PAT was missed, leaving the score at 27-13 going into the half. 

During halftime, the seniors from the marching band were recognized. Because of the change in schedule, they were unable to perform at the senior night game against Glenn. This was a special moment for all band members and their families. Each senior received a sash that they were able to wear throughout the night, making this moment very memorable. 

Davie began the second half down fourteen points with Mt. Tabor having control of the ball. They were able to use this possession to score an eight-yard passing touchdown, bringing the score to 34-13. Down twenty-one points, Davie knew that they had to score. Driving down the field, Ty Miller was able to hand the ball off to Markel Summers, scoring a one-yard rushing touchdown. With a good PAT, Davie was down fourteen points. The defense stopped Tabor before they could score, turning the ball over to Davie. This allowed Miller to complete a twenty-five-yard passing touchdown to Ethan Driver, but unfortunately, they missed the PAT. Throughout the fourth quarter, Davie and Mt. Tabor fought for possession of the ball, neither team being able to score until Mt. Tabor threw a fifteen-yard touchdown pass. After making the PAT, the score was 34-26. Unfortunately, Mt. Tabor used the next possession to score a thirteen-yard rushing touchdown. Davie was unable to score on the next possession, turning the ball over to Tabor allowing them to score another touchdown, putting the final score at 48-26. 

Although this was not the outcome that Davie fans hoped for, it was a hard-fought game that was loaded with great plays. This season was filled with ups and downs, and each player gave it their all for Davie County.