Article by: Kate Price

Feeling unsure as to what costume you want to wear for Halloween? Here are the top ten Halloween costumes of the year that will appeal to everyone! 

10. Bojack Horseman

The Netflix series Bojack Horseman has been a source of entertainment for almost ten years now. Fortunately, it’s also easily recognizable. How many costumes require a horse mask? Not many. Naturally, if you want to portray a comedic horse that is plagued with addiction and depression, this is the perfect costume for you.

9. Beyoncé Silver Renaissance Tour 

Do you have any silver in the back of your closet, waiting to be worn? Now’s the chance. During Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, she requested her fans to wear silver to her concerts. Show your support this year by replicating one of her iconic looks.

8. Jack Skellington

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s film The Nightmare Before Christmas, dress up as the movie’s protagonist Jack Skellington. This costume provides the perfect opportunity to mess around with face paint if you’re more of the artistic type. However, remember to enjoy Halloween and to not ruin Christmas. 

7. Disney Character

Speaking of anniversaries, don’t forget that this month marks the 100th year since the Disney company was first created. Why not dress up as your favorite Disney character in celebration? From Snow White to Buzz Lightyear, there are plenty of modern versions of our childhood favorites.

6. M3GAN

Released earlier this year, M3GAN quickly rose to popularity when the murderous AI doll’s dance became a trend on TikTok and other social media platforms. An easily recognizable costume, you’re sure to get lots of praise for this year.

5. Spiderman

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will always be a classic. However, since the start of the animated Spider-Man franchise, Miles Morales has taken over the spotlight. Thanks to the recent release of the second movie, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, you have all the reason to break out your spider suit.

4. Oppenheimer

If you’re looking for a darker, less childish costume, you’re in the right place. This movie follows the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, leader of the Manhattan Project during WWII. All you need is a dark suit and hat, and suddenly you’re the mastermind himself.

3. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Between Swift’s ongoing tour and her latest movie, there’s sure to be a couple of Tay-Tay’s trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. This costume is unique because there are multiple elegant looks you can choose from. Costumes can range from the Lover bodysuit to the Speak Now ballgown, don’t be afraid to unleash your inner Swiftie this Halloween.

2. Ghostface

You can never go wrong with the classics. In fact, the first Scream movie was released in 1996 — around 27 years ago. Yet, it’s one of the most consistent costumes out there. With the release of the sixth movie this year, it’s sure to be more widespread. This two-piece outfit only requires the stereotypical mask and black robe. You can even add to the fright by calling your friends and asking “What’s your favorite scary movie?” as Ghostface did to his victims.

1. Barbie

During Davie High’s Barbenheimer day, the Barbies roaming the halls outnumbered the Oppenheimers by an overwhelming majority. I doubt Halloween will have a different outcome. From Weird Barbie to Workout Barbie, the list is endless. According to Box Office Mojo, Barbie ranks first out of all the worldwide movies created in 2023, raising $1.4 billion in the past three months. So it’s safe to say you won’t be the only Barbie out there. Take a trip to Barbieland with one of these famous outfits, and don’t forget to have fun this Halloween!