By Rae Jones & Sean Lane

With the changing leaves and the cooler weather of the fall season come pumpkin patches! It’s that time of year to venture out into the community to find pumpkins to carve, gut, or decorate. The compiled list below will help you do just that, and maybe even donate to a good cause. 

  1. Clemmons United Methodist Church
Photos by Sean Lane

First on the list is the Clemmons United Methodist Church pumpkin patch, located at 3700 Clemmons Rd, Clemmons. This location truly sells pumpkins for a purpose; proceeds are used for the church’s mission trips in the summer, where they help surrounding communities by building ramps for citizens in rural areas. The pumpkin patch is manned by volunteers and is open until Halloween. The abundance of pumpkins is accompanied by a slew of fun games such as tic-tac-toe, ring around the pumpkin, and cornhole.

  1. Hawks Pumpkin Patch
Photos by Sean Lane 

While Hawks pumpkin patch is farthest from the Davie County area, they make up for it with their phenomenal atmosphere and their assortment of apples and desserts. Since 1999, Hawks Pumpkin Patch has been selling pumpkins and Christmas trees to their loyal customers. When asked what their favorite part of running the business is, they responded, “The kids.” As they put it, Hawks is the Chuck E. Cheese of Pumpkin Patches. They are located at 2558 W Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem. 

  1. Allen Family Pumpkin Patch
Photos by Sean Lane

Third on the list is the Allen Family Pumpkin Patch, which functions under an honor system. Trust is the foundation of this business. This pumpkin patch hosts pumpkins of all shades, shapes, and sizes and can be found at 1674 NC- 801, Advance. Who knows? The owner’s black cat might even pay a visit. (Cat seen in the upper left corner of photo) 

4. Koren Farms

Photo from

Next on the list is Koren Farms located at 1347 US-64, Mocksville. This location Recently reopened as an animal rescue farm back in 2021. They’ve taken in animals that were going to be sold to slaughterhouses, abusive or neglectful owners. Koren Farms host many fun fall activities like hay rides, movie nights, and alpaca feedings in addition to selling pumpkins. Guests can reserve private tours where they can meet the animal rescues and explore the farm as well as rent out parts of the farm as venues for alpaca parties. They accept cash and card, and  sell Christmas trees in the winter. 

5. Farm to Face

Photo by Farm to Face Facebook Account

Fifth on the list is Farm to Face, a local farm that focuses on selling a variety of fresh produce and products like corn, tomatoes, watermelons, honey, jams, and so much more. In the fall, they start selling seasonal items like pumpkins, gourds, and fall flowers like mums and pansy pots. They’re known for having a wide range of gourds and decorative pumpkins differing in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures as well as selling seasonal items like Christmas trees and handmade wreaths. They accept cash and card and are located at 1712 Lewisville Clemmons Rd, Clemmons. 

6. Macedonia Moravian Preschool 

Photos by Sean Lane

Last, but certainly not least, is the Macedonia Moravian Preschool Pumpkin Patch located at 700 NC-801, Advance. Accepting cash, checks, and Venmo, this pumpkin patch also functions under an honor system. Each purchase of a pumpkin raises money for the preschool. Don’t pass up the chance to take a photo as a pumpkin or a cob of corn.

There are many fantastic choices to find the perfect pumpkin or the perfect purpose. This fall, support a mission trip, a preschool, or a local business simply through the purchase of a pumpkin.