Grayson Cayton, Evan Froelich, Jalen Alexander, Braxton Bowling, Elliott Gould, Gavin Reese, and Grey Deal line up for a picture before the game. 

Article By Sophia Brady 

This past Thursday, October 19th, Davie High played Parkland in their last home matchup of the season. Before the game, seniors from football, cheer, and dancing boots were escorted onto the field by family members and loved ones. Each athlete read personal statements at this time as they reflected on their fondest memories during their high school career. This senior night was very special to all families and players, and coming off with a 40-33 win topped it all off.  

Due to poor weather in the forecast, the game had to be moved, and the marching band was not able to perform because of a scheduling conflict. These complications created a different atmosphere, but the crowd was still excited for such a special game, one from which Davie would emerge triumphant with a final score of 40-33.

Zander Richardson started this game off for Davie with a 35-yard fumble return touchdown. With the score 6-0, Davie missed the PAT but remained ahead of Parkland until they kicked two field goals late in the first quarter. With under a minute left in the first quarter, Markel Summers scored a 10-yard rushing touchdown, followed by a complete two-point conversion by Ty Miller. Throughout the second quarter, Davie and Parkland traded possessions, but neither team was able to score. With five minutes left in the first half, Parkland kicked the ball off to Davie. Deep in the field, Connor Hood ran for a 50-yard kick return for a touchdown. With the score at 20-6, Davie missed another PAT and kicked the ball off. Parkland was able to use this possession to work their way into Davie’s red zone. With a 15-yard touchdown pass and a completed two-point conversion, Parkland set the score at 20-14 going into the half. 

The Dancing Boots and Cheerleaders had to make quite the adjustment during halftime. With no band, they used speakers and prerecorded songs to do their routine. The DBoots performed to “Dance the Night” by Dua Lipa. This was a new routine, and due to the last-minute change in schedule, they practiced a lot to perfect it. To make the night more special, the DBoots used pink poms and bows to pay homage to Barbie, where the song is featured. Dancing Boots senior Kathryn Harpe states that “Being a Dancing Boot was a dream come true! I’ve loved bonding with the girls and growing my skills. I’ve also learned a lot about being a leader as well as a team player at the same time. Plus, dancing on the track under the Friday Night Lights brings me an indescribable happiness!”

After halftime, Parkland started the second half by kicking the ball off to Davie. Quickly, they were able to advance the ball down the field. Ty Miller threw a 10-yard passing touchdown to Grey Deal. Davie led the game by twelve points until Parkland threw a 40-yard touchdown pass. At the end of the third quarter, Parkland was within five points of Davie. Knowing Davie needed to create a lead, Ty Miller handed the ball off to Markel Summers for a 28-yard rushing touchdown. After a failed two-point conversion, Davie kicked the ball off to Parkland. Soon after, Parkland threw a 54-yard passing touchdown, making the score 32-27. After missing their two-point conversion, Davie took control of the game. Markel Summers rushed for a touchdown and again for a two-point conversion. With just under a minute in the game, Parkland scored a passing touchdown but failed a two-point conversion. This was a hard-fought conference game, but the War Eagles were able to pull it out on such a special night. 

Senior Emily Dixon hugs cheerleading coach Angela Stage during the senior recognition ceremony