Article by Sophia Brady

Senior Eli Branham on the sideline
Photo by Callie Wisecarver

The Davie County Homecoming game is always filled with excitement, especially when it is against close rival West Forsyth. The night of October 13th was the perfect evening for football. Over five thousand football fans packed War Eagle Stadium, creating the ideal atmosphere for an electric game.

The evening began as homecoming court nominees were paraded down the track in convertibles. Once this ended, the War Eagles made their grand entrance through the stadium and the crowd was on their feet. Davie kicked off to West Forsyth and the game began. Within the first possession, West Forsyth scored a 70-yard rushing touchdown with a completed 2-point conversion.

Down 8 points, Davie had the ball on their 45-yard line. Markel Summers quickly jump-started the offense with a 45-yard rushing touchdown and a good PAT from Max McCall. The defense stopped West Forsyth from making much progress and forced them to punt. Davie fumbled the ball during this possession, allowing West to recover it on their 32-yard line, leading to a touchdown.

Down 15-7, Quarterback Ty Miller completed a 50-yard touchdown pass to Grey Deal. The score was 15-13 and Davie needed to attempt a two-point conversion to tie the game. They lined up in PAT formation, but the ball was snapped to Miller allowing him to complete the pass for a 2-point conversion. West Forsyth scored one more rushing touchdown and the score was 22-15 at the end of the first quarter. Neither team was able to convert in the second quarter making the score 22-15 going into halftime.

Pictured is Senior Annabelle Lakey after winning Homecoming Queen
Senior Annabelle Lakey poses with her bouquet after winning Homecoming Queen
Photo by Callie Wisecarver

This week’s halftime show featured the girls’ homecoming court nominees. The senior class voted for who was on the court, with the whole school voting for the queen. The results are as follows: Bonnie Jo Taylor as fourth runner up, Kathryn Harpe as 3rd runner up, Caroline Lakey as second runner up, Paola Argueta as first runner up, and the 2023 homecoming queen is Annabelle Lakey.

When asked how she felt to be crowned as the 2023 Homecoming Queen Annabelle Lakey says that she is “shocked.” She says that initially, she was very nervous but once everyone started to cheering for her she became excited. Lakey’s favorite part of the evening was being able to “ride in the car with everyone chanting my name.”

After all of the Homecoming festivities ended, the crowd was anxious for what the second half of this game would bring. West Forsyth started the third quarter with a 69-yard rushing touchdown giving them a 29-15 lead. After this possession, Davie knew they had to get their offense going. With the ball on West Forsyth’s 1-yard line, Miller handed the ball off to Markel Summers scoring a 2-yard rushing touchdown. The game began going back and forth with West Forsyth scoring a touchdown in their next possession. Down 14 points, Davie began to run the ball with Miller scoring a 15-yard touchdown.

At the end of the third quarter, Davie was down seven points, with West Forsyth in possession of the ball. West Forsyth used this momentum to score another rushing touchdown, with ten minutes left in the game. Davie immediately took charge, handing the pass off to Markel Summers for a 77-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, Davie missed the PAT making the score 43-35 West Forsyth. The ball was turned over twice through the next few possessions until West Forsyth scored a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Davie was down fifteen points until Miller completed a 20-yard pass for a touchdown. With the extra point attempt good, West Forsyth was still up 50-42. West took possession of the ball, taking a knee to end the game. After a hard-fought battle between both teams, Davie unfortunately fell 50-42 to West Forsyth.

This homecoming game was nothing short of electric. With Davie continuing to gain momentum this season, there is a buzz around the team and fans are ready to see how they finish the season.