Article by Sean Lane

As high schools all around the country are celebrating their own Homecoming traditions, Davie High School is introducing one of its own, this Thursday, October 12th. The event will be called “Davie Day”, created to kick off the Homecoming festivities. However, many students have been left wondering “What is Davie Day?”

According to Davie High principal Mr. Pruitt, Davie Day is a “celebration of War Eagle athletics and school spirit.” In other words, the half-day will be filled with fun activities and games meant to bring students together. When the staff realized that the traditional pep rally couldn’t be held on the day of the homecoming game, they decided to instead schedule it for the day before, creating what we now know as Davie Day. Depending on its reception and success, this event could be the start of a new tradition that students can look forward to in the years ahead.

When it comes to the schedule of Davie Day, the first activity will be the pep rally in the main gym where the War Eagle Regiment will play some tunes, the Mancing Boots will show off their moves, and where many other surprises await. Following this, students can choose between watching the Powderpuff football game outside or staying inside for quieter activities. Lunch will be prepared in grab-and-go bags that students can eat picnic-style.

Davie Day is an exciting new event incorporating the pep rally and the Powerpuff football game in a day of fun. Dust off your foam fingers and cowbells and expect to lose your voice from shouting because Davie Day is right around the corner.