The Davie High Women’s Tennis Team poses for a picture moments after their 30th win in a row, breaking the school record.

Article by Sean Lane

Photo by Collin Ferebee

This year, Davie High School’s women’s tennis team has set the record for most consecutive regular season wins in the program’s 48-year history. Through their concerted efforts, the team has set a new overall record of 35 consecutive wins, with 30 in the Central Piedmont Conference (CPC), surpassing the previous streak of 29 regular season wins and 20 in the CPC.

The record-breaking winning streak began in 2021 after a season hampered by a lockdown. The streak has become almost a legacy for the team these past years, passed down as seniors graduate and freshmen are tasked with the responsibility of carrying the torch.

Despite the challenge of having their home courts under construction, it’s apparent that they’ve kept the flame alive through a whole lot of dedication and practice.

“The past 3 years have redefined what Davie Women’s Tennis expects as a program,” women’s tennis coach Collin Ferebee notes. “The hard work the players have put in has turned into success and two championships. Other teams have taken note that Davie continually competes year-on-year.”

While their streak ultimately reached its end this past Wednesday after a regular-season rematch with R.J. Reynolds, the team’s 35-game record is a testament to the drive of each athlete.

The women’s tennis team’s remaining home matches are against Reagan on September 22nd, and Mt. Tabor on September 27th.