Article by Ava Gary and Sean Lane

Featured Image from Weekly Talon Photography

The first idea of recognizing educators on a national level was thought up by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953. Despite her efforts to persuade Congress, a national appreciation day wasn’t established until March 7th, 1980, which was later extended to include the first full week of May. In celebration of this, several clubs at DCHS showed appreciation for our teachers in many different ways.

Continuing the idea of a Teacher Appreciation Station from last year, the STEM Ambassadors set up a table in the cafeteria all week long! The club members encouraged students to write a thank you card to a teacher of their choice. The club hopes to show our educators all the love the school has for them! 

The Junior Civitans made a group effort to create cards for teachers as well. Members of the club designed cards on Canva to be printed out and delivered. The cards were handed out to the staff at the beginning of the week, and it was clear that they enjoyed the messages. Do you hear that!? Oh, it’s the Junior Civitans’ Ice Cream mobile; the club created their own make-shift ice cream delivery carts, paired with a speaker playing the well-known ice cream truck jingle! The members had a blast handing ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, drumsticks and much more to teachers around the whole school! 

A student and their teacher after presenting the teachers gift
A teacher having their pick from the Junior Civitan Ice Cream Mobile

The Educators Rising club, run by Mrs. Steinour, held a Teacher Appreciation Night on Thursday, May 11th. In weeks prior to the event, club members selected a teacher that has had a positive impact on them that they would like to honor. Each member recorded a video message honoring their teacher which was compiled and shown to everyone. They also wrote letters to their teacher and put them in frames and gave them to the teacher that they chose.

The Weekly Talon Staff would like to thank all of the amazing teachers that we have here at DCHS. Special thanks to our club advisors Mr. Poller and Mr. Barker. All of you make the school one of a kind through your passion for learning and your connection with students. We thank you for all you do, and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!