Article by Kat Woodruff-Carter | Photography by Holyn Hedrick

This year, this glitz and glam have come back in style. Prom before the COVID-19 pandemic was also elegant and classy. Prom since then has been fun and playful. In order to find out what’s popular this year, Holyn Hedrick and I stopped by HipChics Formal Wear to get the scoop.

The number one thing for 2023’s prom trend is a very bright and bold color. That color is hot pink. Bright neon pink prom dresses have made a comeback and are here in full swing. This dress gives a bold pink color and a corset top that is coming into style. 

Another really big thing to look for this year is feathers. With the glitz and glam comes flair and that flair happens to be feather this year. Whether you have a few on the shoulder like the ones shown above or you have a ton on your dress; it’s bound to look absolutely stunning. 

Another huge trend this year is one-shoulder dresses. This glitzy green dress has a slit and an open back (seen below) and left Holyn Hedrick with her jaw dropped. I combined 2 very popular trends in this dress. The first is a one-shoulder dress, and the second is hunter green. Green is a popular color and an amazing choice every year.

This dress’s standpoint is the corset top. The details of the leaves on the top going along with your natural waist really bring life into this dress. Corset tops have really been in trend, if you’re going for more of a spring and softer look then this dress is for you.

This dress was my personal favorite. It’s elegant and classy. Black is the go-to color for seniors to wear. The flowers add a pop of feminity to the dress. If you’re looking to be on trend and fit Davie High’s theme of Starry Night then this dress is absolutely perfect for you. 

The most in-trend style of 2023 is a dress that makes you feel confident and happy. All of the dresses I showed you today are comfortable, stylish, and able to be worn while doing the “Cupid Shuffle.”