By Kat Woodruff-Carter

Featured Image from The Weekly Talon Photography

Davie High had a Track and Field Meet on March 25 of 2023. Even though it started cloudy that morning, we all became slightly sunburnt at the end. While it was still cloudy outside, Maegan Purvis was staying hydrated. Owen Sulecki was doing his warm-up jog, and our 4×800 team was practicing passing the baton. Once the sun came out to shine, so did Davie’s track team. 

William Purvis placed 3rd in the long and triple jump. Mason Kuhnemann placed 1st in the high jump after clearing 6 feet. CJ Phelps placed 3rd in the high jump after clearing 5’6. Andrea Keller placed 2nd in the girl’s division after clearing 4’10 feet, she also placed 2nd in the pole vault after clearing 7’6 feet. 

We competed in 4×800 meters relay race with Aric Boles, Noah Shore, Logan Zuleger, and Christopher Guerrero. Their total time was 9 minutes and 46 seconds. When asked what goes through their head, Aric Boles said “I always picture catching the person in front of me.” Christopher Guerrero said the only thing he was scared of, was dropping the baton. They placed 2nd. 

When came to running, Owen Sulecki was neck and neck, and in the end, placed 2nd in the mile. Clara Phelps was 3rd overall in heat and she ran the 800 meters in 2 minutes and 39 seconds. Maegan Purvis completed the 100 meters in 13.92 seconds, which was a new personal record for her. The motto that sticks with her when running is “If you can’t beat the person, beat the time.” 

In our throwing events, Gracie Wilson got 2nd in the Discus throw and 3rd in the shot put. A shot put is where you throw (put) a heavy spherical ball (the shot).  Cooper Williams got 1st place in the shot put.