Article by Silas Marion

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Starting in the 2023-24 school year, new AP classes are going to be offered to students at Davie High School, especially freshmen. AP classes are college level classes that are usually year long, intensive courses that dive deep into their respective subjects. Sometime during the month of May, AP students will take the AP exam for their class. If a certain score is reached on the AP exam, the student will receive college credit for the class. 

Currently, freshmen are not able to take AP courses unless they have completed a CDM (credit by demonstrated mastery) for certain prerequisite courses. However, in the fall, all Freshmen will have the option of taking AP Earth Science and AP Government Politics. These classes will be year-long classes that include one semester of Honors Earth Science and Honors Civic Literacy. The other semester will be the AP portion. Completion of an AP class gives certain GPA boosts depending on the grade you receive. A=5.0, B=4.5, C=4.0, etc.

As well as freshmen having more AP offerings, more courses are being opened up to sophomores as well. Starting in the fall, sophomores will have the option to take AP Chemistry, and AP Precalculus. In order to take these classes there are prerequisites including Biology and Math III. AP Chemistry will be two semesters with one semester of Chemistry Honors. AP Precalculus will be one semester. Next year should be a wonderful year academically for our students to challenge themselves even further.