Article by Melissa Segovia-Hernandez

Featured image taken by Joshua Solorzano

Mr. Ben Mowers is the new part-time Beginning Visual Arts teacher at Davie High School. He attended Roanoke College for art and initially had no intention of becoming a teacher, but since he has family and friends in the profession, he thought teaching could be a good career choice. 

This semester isn’t his first time teaching at Davie High. Last fall, he subbed the entire semester for another art teacher. Now he is working part-time until he gets his teaching license to become a full-time teacher.

Since he is a new teacher, he doesn’t feel as if he has yet developed his own teaching style. He hopes to use the styles of his own teachers that he enjoyed but also use what he learned from his own high school experience, building upon what didn’t work for him and adapting from it. In his class, he teaches building art techniques and art history. 

Art has always been something he enjoys doing. As he told the Weekly Talon, “I love the fact you can take a blank sheet of paper and you can make it into something that people actually want to look at.”

The Weekly Talon and Davie High School are very happy to welcome Mr. Ben Mowers as a proud War Eagle.