Article by Kat Woodruff-Carter

Karlie Quinn committed to Emory and Henry in November of 2022. One of the reasons she picked this college was because it reminded her of Mocksville. She has a scholarship for tennis but plans to major in business with a psychology minor to become a pharmaceutical sales representative. She has 2 years of DDCC classes in order to help her in college. She has been taking lessons in Greensboro to prepare for tennis at a college level. After being scouted and recruited she is excited about a new coach and a new start. 

Karlie Quinn signing her letter of intent to attend Emory & Henry College in the Fall of 2023.

Continuing our stream of powerful athletic women, Emerson Vanzaunt-Fields signed to Meredith College on December 6th of 2022. She chose Meredith College because of how safe the campus made her feel and the accessibility to campuses nearby. While she is going to Meredith on a golf scholarship, she is also taking STEM classes with an undecided major. She likes that golf is more a mental than a physical game and you have the ability to play at any age. She has met some of her favorite people from playing golf. Recently, she has been training every day in order to get stronger. Meredith has always been her top choice. 

Emerson Vanzaunt-Fields attending Meredith College this fall to continue her successful golfing career.

Gracie Wilson has committed to Southern Wesleyan University. She received both an academic and athletic scholarship for volleyball. Her favorite things about her sport are that it’s fast-paced and how encouraging her teammates are. While she had track and field scholarships, she couldn’t stay away from the volleyball court and her top college. She is planning to graduate with a mathematics degree. She also is planning to take some courses at the Clemson campus nearby in order to get an engineering degree as well. Gracie verbally signed on August 21, 2022, and physically signed on November 21, 2022. To prepare, she has been working with Twin City Volleyball as well as working out most days. She will be moving in July 2023 to start training for volleyball season. In April she will be going to future warrior weekend and staying to meet underclassmen.

Gracie Wilson continuing both her relationship with Christ and playing volleyball at Southern Wesleyan University.

Sydney Dirks has committed to Western Carolina University on a scholarship to play softball. She loves softball as it is a team effort and enjoys watching it all come together. Western Carolina University was her pick as she loved the coaches and knew they would help her grow on and off the field. Sydney signed on November 9th, 2022 after verbally committing the day prior. Off the field, she will major in pre-law or double major in pre-law and psychology. In order to train her brain, she talks to players on the team to see how the workload would be and focuses in the classroom. Outside of school, she trains and regularly weight lifts. She is exceptionally grateful for her travel ball coach, Gary Simpson, who called Western Carolina University recruiters to watch her play. 

Sydney Dirks is committed to attending Western Carolina University in the Fall of 2023 to continue playing softball.

Summer Simpson signed on November 9th, 2022 but verbally committed in her junior year. Summer will be attending Appalachian State University. She chose Appalachian State University based on her love of the mountains. She received her athletic scholarship for playing softball as well. She has been playing softball for around 14 years.  On top of that, the coaches were also a huge factor as she felt compatible with them. Off the field, she will be majoring in Criminal Justice. Currently, she is preparing for the shift to a new town and training her brain and body to become stronger. 

Summer Simpson attending Appalachian State University as a D1 softball player.

Lastly, Palmer Williams is currently at Baylor on a full scholarship. His life is extremely busy as he is constantly hopping from meetings to classes to workouts. He ended up choosing Baylor based on coach connections. He was awarded his scholarship for football for being an outstanding punter. Off the field, he is planning to major in finance. His biggest tip is to stay organized and use calendars.

Palmer Williams, the Davie County ‘It’ boy, signed and is currently attending Baylor University for football.