Article by Sophia Brady

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This year the Davie High School National Honor Society has reinstated an old service opportunity for their members called the Service Blitz. The Service Blitz projects have been pushed to the side ever since COVID-19 disrupted the 2020 school year, but it is back and many student-led groups are excited to get to work. In the past, many large projects have emerged through Service Blitz, one of the most notable is the Hope Prom. The Hope Prom is hosted every year by the National Honor Society but was started as a Service Blitz project by a group of students. This prom is very special throughout Davie County Schools because it is open to all special needs students from sixth grade to twelfth grade. 

Service Blitz gives students free rein to choose what projects they would like to organize allowing them to focus on ways they would like to impact our county. Junior Ali Cranfill and her group are setting up the William Ellis Middle School eighth-grade dance. Each group member attended William Ellis and they thought that it would be great to help organize something that meant so much to them as middle schoolers. Cranfill says “I attended Ellis for middle school, and had great experiences with the faculty and staff, as well as other students. I was excited to get the opportunity to give back to a community that helped in making me the person that I am. I want the kids to have fun and enjoy their middle school years like I got to! The 8th-grade dance is a great way for this to happen, so it is wonderful that we are able to help out.” The Davie High School National Honor Society students are excited to get out into the community and volunteer their time in different ways. We are excited to see how their plans come to fruition and how they can well represent Davie High School.