Article by Grace Carroll

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Valentine’s Day looks different for people in all kinds of relationships, but it’s not just for lovers! Say you’re looking for a fun date with your partner, a treat for yourself, or a fun adventure with friends. But where do you start? There’s no doubt that planning something elaborate can be stressful. Why make it hard? Here are some of the best ideas when planning a date with your special someone.

Museums and Art Galleries

Say you’re someone who is a fan of the arts or an artist yourself, a museum is a perfect place for a date. It’s not only a good way to learn about their taste but also getting to know them on a more personal level. You don’t have to be good at any type of art to appreciate diverse pieces either. There is a wide variety of different local places to visit, with prices that range from free to 35$. One of my favorite places to visit is the Artworks Gallery located in downtown Winston-Salem for free!

Coffee Shops

If you’re looking for something less sophisticated than a restaurant, but more respectable than a fast-food joint a coffee shop is the way to go. There are many local options that cater to people with different dietary needs, tastes, and preferences. The reason café dates are less stressful than it would be going out to a restaurant is because of the casual atmosphere, Making it a great option for a first date or just hanging out with a friend this valentines day. Some of my favorite local cafes consist of Moji’s coffee & more, The factory, & Camino bakery.


Whether it’s a bookstore like Edward McKay’s or your local Goodwill, thrifting is an eco-friendly activity to do with your special someone this year. When choosing to buy secondhand items over something brand new, you are positively contributing to your environment by keeping clothes out of landfills and lowering water consumption. Thrifting can be a hit or miss, but the reason why this is such a good date idea is not only are you keeping your carbon footprint in mind but you are also getting to know someone through their creativity and what they see in different pieces.

Cat Cafes

For those of us who want something a little bit more special than the basic coffee shop, cat cafes are the perfect way to start. This date idea is not only unique but most cat cafes are charitable organizations to help our furry friends. While also having the casual feel and comfortability of a regular coffee shop, you simultaneously get to play with cats & enjoy some delicious treats. The most local cat café you can find, is located in Winston-Salem and is appointment only.

It doesn’t matter who you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with this year, even if it’s just you. Regardless, there are many different creative ways to celebrate. Instead of overcomplicating it, spend time with those you enjoy rather than conforming to an idea of what Valentine’s Day should be.