Article by Sean Lane

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The Davie Community Foundation, though many don’t know it, has a substantial impact on our county. The organization has sponsored countless scholarships and grants which directly benefit members of our community. The S.U.R.F. Board, an important part of the foundation, is asking for your support by participating in their club-organized 5k, known as the Popsicle 5k. It takes a village, so help the S.U.R.F. Board get off the ground running!

In unison with the goals of the Davie Community Foundation, the Students Understanding Real Futures Philanthropy Board, better known as the S.U.R.F. Board, is given the task of helping our community through the sponsoring and creation of Grants. This high school student-led Board strives to help the youth of Davie County in particular. Last year, a very successful grant cycle totaling $7,849 supported causes such as the Davie County Exceptional Children Department, the Dragonfly House, and the Davie High Band Program, to name a few. But as the S.U.R.F. board members know best, grant money does not grow on trees. This is where the Popsicle 5k, the lifeblood of the grant-making process, comes into play.

The Popsicle 5k is easily the most important resource in acquiring money to support the grants that are sure to make a difference. Whether you wish to support the cause or run competitively in a certified race course, registering to run in the race on February 25th would be a great way to give back to our community. The race through Rich Park has a registration fee of $25, but will increase in price to $30 on January 31st. Along with this, the prized Golden Surfboard is up for grabs; the school group with the most race registrations will walk away with the trophy to take home to their school until the next race in 2024. Register by googling “Popsicle 5k Race Registration” and clicking on the RunSignUp website. 

With that being said, the Board depends on the citizens and students of Davie County, as well as those around the region, to participate in this event. Your registration will not only help the youth of Davie County through the sponsoring of youth-led grants, but it will also give the S.U.R.F. Board members the opportunity and experience of delegating the acquired funds to worthy causes of the community. Join all of us for the 12th annual Popsicle 5k, and in the powerful words of the Davie Community Foundation, “Invest in our future, now!”