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Fashion in 2022 was very diverse. Whether it be a comfy outfit thrown together in a rush to get out the door or an outfit that took time and the consult of a Pinterest board to put together, there was something for everyone. 

So with that said, let’s dive into the top 10 fashion trends of 2022.

10. Flared Pants

Originating in the 70s, this year flared pants took the youth by storm. Often seen in leggings or jeans, flared pants are easy to pair with any outfit. They became so popular because they’re completely interchangeable for any season and an easy foundation for most outfits. And who doesn’t love a good throwback?
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9. Nike Blazers

The Nike blazer completely captured the fashion world this year. When it first came out in 1973, the shoe was developed to be a basketball shoe. However today it is used for a  more minimalistic look. Its simplicity made it sought after by various people with different styles. Its popularity soared, even  with the price being over 100$.
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8. Plaid Pajama pants
We all knew this one was coming. Some would argue that this doesn’t count as a fashion trend, but he student body of Davie High would disagree. Fitting with the theme this year of being comfortable, plaid pajama pants became a trend quickly because they were so easy to throw on in the morning. (Or keep on for that matter!)

7. Wideleg pants
Baggy clothing was a staple in a lot of outfits this year. Wide leg pants were another good foundation for an easy outfit that is not only trendy but also relaxed and laid back. It first became popular in the ’90s to represent rebellion against the US prison systems due to their failure to provide properly sized clothing for incarcerated individuals. This year it became popular because it’s comfy but is also simultaneously chic and tasteful.
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6.  Crewnecks
Crewnecks in 2022 were layered in many different ways and seen on lots of different people. Originally in demand from the athletic scene, crewnecks became widely appreciated in the 1950’s. The crewneck is a forever dominant piece in the fashion world. They are found almost everywhere in a variety of different colors, graphics, and sizes. 
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5. Claw-Clips
Bringing back a favorite from Y2K fashion, claw clips today are a way to spice up an otherwise boring look. Although this accessory gives the same feel as a hairstyle that would take time to do, it’s super simple. The claw clip is inclusive to all hair-types which makes it diverse and universal.

4. Cargo pants
As we have already explored, a lot of the trends this year had a LOT of history behind them. Some of this history was fun, though some of it was not.. In the 1930’s a lot of fashion and menswear were based around military attire. Thus, cargo pants became a favorable fashion piece. Cargo pants in 2022 became a unisex clothing item that could be a statement piece or a simple base for an outfit.
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3. Platform converse 

In 1908 the concept of the chuck taylor shoe was created. Similar to the Nike blazers, it was also developed to be a basketball shoe. Later on the shoe came out to be universal footwear. Over a hundred years later, Converse introduced the platform shoe in late 2021. It quickly became a crowd favorite among many different styles from gothic to boho.
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2. Doc Martens
The early 1900’s were very crucial to today’s fashion. In Northamptonshire, England, the Griggs family designed a sturdy shoe with the intention to be used for work. Later on Doc Martens (otherwise known as “Docs”)  have evolved to become an essential piece in alternative foot-wear.
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1. Low-Rise jeans
Low-rise jeans are a controversial topic in the fashion industry. Some people don’t like low-rise jeans because they are less secure than the usual high rise. In the early 2000’s these jeans were super popular in womens clothing. Today the low-rise look has been reconsidered by those seeking out a y2k look.

2022’s style was heavily influenced by the impact of COVID-19. People worldwide went from suits to sweats in a matter of a few months. This mindset made comfortable, easy to pair clothing the go-to in 2 years time. Weirdly enough, a lot of the pieces on this list were originally intended for different purposes. Whether it was military-wear, a symbol of rebellion, or a basketball shoe, lots of trends changed a lot over-time. Who knows? Maybe in the future our fashion will be entirely different then today.