Article by Cadyn Tanis and Bonnie Jo Taylor

Who is ready to hear some spectacular music performed by the students of the Davie High School Band in a seasonally appropriate darkened theater? This coming Tuesday, October 18th, all three of the Davie High Band classes will be performing in the auditorium with pieces that they have been preparing since the start of the school year. The students have spent the past month and a half diligently rehearsing and refining their playing. The members of the band along with their director Mr. Brusseau are excited to perform for everyone. 

Richard Nuckolls, a senior who plays French horn in Wind Ensemble and assists with Concert Band, provided the Weekly Talon with his perspective on the upcoming concert and the band’s growth over the past seven weeks: “With me being in Wind Ensemble and in helping out with Concert Band, I’m so impressed with the growth we have made. I’ve never heard such a fast change in ability – it’s gone from good to great, and it’s amazing.” 

Tyler Oldham, the sole baritone player in the Wind Ensemble and one of three freshmen who auditioned and made it into Wind Ensemble this year, says, “I’m really excited to play Above The Line because I really like how it’s fast moving, and I enjoy playing my part for it.” 

First up on Tuesday night will be the Concert Band. The pieces that they will be performing are Alamo by Karl L. King, followed by Greenwillow Portrait by Mark Williams and will conclude with Ghost Riders by Roland Barrett.

The Symphonic Band will perform four more selections directly after. Their pieces include Fanfare of the Third Planet by Richard Savcedo, A Song for Friends by Larry Daehn, Thunderscapes by Erik Morales, and Chorale and Shaker Dance 2 by John Zdechlik.

The Wind Ensemble will conclude the event Tuesday night with their four selections: Above The Line by Bryce Newton, Solas Ane by Samuel Hazo, Music for a Darkened Theatre by Danny Elfman, and English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Music for A Darkened Theatre is by far the most highly anticipated piece; it contains a medley of excerpts from four different familiar compositions, including This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the theme from Beetlejuice, and incredibly well-known theme music from a movie about a certain web-slinging superhero. 

The night is expected to be a lot of fun and all the students are very excited to perform all these pieces for their opening concert of the year. Please come out and support the band! The concert will be next Tuesday, October 18th, and will be starting right at 7 PM. Tickets will be available at the door – we hope to see you there!