Written by Kat Woodruff-Carter

Is it the night before the Homecoming Dance? Are you reading this because you have put this off for far too long? Did you buy a ticket and tell yourself that you would have enough time to get an outfit? Well, guess what, you still do!! Here’s all the things you need to do in preparation for homecoming.

First, let’s make our last-minute dinner plans. Homecoming is at 7:00 PM, meaning you should eat beforehand. While we have snacks and drinks, substance is a wonderful thing! Find friends that are going to the dance and see if you all want to go get a bite to eat beforehand. If you want to go to a nicer place I recommend O’Callahan’s, Davie Tavern, and Jade Gardens. If you are looking for something more local and comforting, then choose safer options like Shiki or Waffle House. Keep in mind that it is a Saturday night (so waits might be longer) if you want to be on time to plan your time wisely. 

Now onto outfits, homecoming is a semi-formal meaning a ball gown and a tuxedo might not be the best options. If a ball gown or tuxedo is your style, though, then go for it! If you are looking for a dress check out Alter’d state, Macy’s, JCPenny’s, or Dillards. It is a little too late to go to Hip Chic’s Semi-Formal Wear because somebody might already have your dress but they would be happy to help you out when it comes time for prom! Either go all out with glitz and glam or channel your inner manic pixie dream girl with flowy and delicate touches. Blue, red, pink, and black seem to be high-hitting homecoming colors this year. When it comes to suits, if you prefer more female presenting looks then I recommend H&M –  they have some powerful looks to their suits. Pair that with a black or red kitten heel and you will be the most fabulous person on the dance floor.  If you are male presenting, go with a nice button and some long khaki slacks. An all-black look with a pop of color like a red or deep purple tie would look absolutely stunning. 

When it comes to shoes, make sure you are comfortable!! Get some cute new Nike Air Force ones. A simple white shoe will keep you comfortable all night. If you want something cuter and a little fancier go with a wedge shoe. Something I expect to see is a lot of white fashionable boots. They have a nice heel while preventing you from getting your toes crushed as you do the cupid shuffle. 

Jewelry is not a must but does elevate an outfit. No matter how you present, rings are a statement and absolutely beautiful. Earrings will also make your hairstyle stand out or be a defining part. If you pull your hair back into a low bun not only is it out of your face but if you wear jewelry it’ll stand out. If you have short hair use a little gel and mousse to spruce your hair up.

At the end of the day, this is a semi-formal event and your comfort is key. As long as you are happy and comfortable in your shoes and outfit then that’s more important than looking put together.