By Madi Rogers

Friday, August 26th marked the Davie High Varsity Football team’s first home game of the season. The War Eagles faced the West Rowan Falcons. This was a hard-fought game ending in a 35-34 loss for Davie County. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling first home game of the season.

In his first year as starting quarterback, junior Ty Miller started the night quickly with a huge pass to sophomore Braddock Coleman. After a well-strategized handoff to Markel Summers, Davie County put their first touchdown on the board. 

The Falcons fought back with a pass to Davie’s twenty-yard line. The run was immediately shut down by cornerback Willie Purvis. The War Eagle defense was persistent. John Stokes stopped West Rowan with a gain of only one yard. Unfortunately, even after an illegal shift and a five-yard penalty, West Rowan scored their first touchdown of the night. Eli Branham held our lead with a block of the PAT. 

After a turnover on downs at West Rowan’s 39-yard line, a breakthrough run from West Rowan gave the Falcons a second touchdown and the lead. The Falcons would score again before Davie County started their comeback.

Ty Miller was a leader in first downs and after an impressive pass to Evan York, Davie gained another War Eagle touchdown. The PAT was good for a score of 20-14. 

Defensive players Mason Shermer, Willie Purvis, and John Stokes held the Falcons offense back through the second quarter. 

Sophomore Landon King had an amazing interception in West Rowan’s endzone. Sadly, he was taken to the hospital with a serious injury. Although the future of his season is uncertain, Landon was the star of the home opener. 

Kicker and punter Palmer Williams began the second half with a touchback. And after yet another West Rowan touchdown, Ty Miller thankfully had success on a long pass. With a first down and a carry by Evan York, Davie gained another War Eagle touchdown. 

Things began to take a turn for the worse. A field goal, interception, and touchdown by West Rowan allowed them to take the lead. Davie fought hard to get within field goal range, but after an incomplete pass in our endzone and a turnover on downs, Davie was forced to play defense with two minutes left on the clock. The game ended after several timeouts, leaving the score at 35-34. 

After two hard-fought losses, the War Eagles are determined to come back strong against North Davidson at next week’s away game.