Image By: Bailey Gest

Article By: Hailey Johnson

We are proud to announce that a new teacher has been added to the Davie County High School staff: Bailey Gest! Mrs. Gest teaches underclassmen in both English I and English II. Mrs. Gest, as she says, “was born and raised in Davie County.” She attended the old Davie High School and graduated from there. She later went to Appalachian State University from 2006 to 2010 where she received an English and Social Studies teaching degree on a middle school level. After college, she decided it was time to get away from the countryside for a little while, so she moved to the city. However, later in life she came back to Davie and had a little girl! Currently, Mrs. Gest is adding to her licensure in secondary English and working at Davie full time. 

Growing up, she dreamed of being a teacher. She was inspired to teach because her mom was a principal. She taught her first 8 years at Davie and she says that her favorite part of teaching is, “Seeing my students years down the road and them telling me how successful they have become.” Her little brother, Mr. Marrs, also teaches here at the high school! We are very lucky to have Mrs. Gest be a teacher here at Davie High!