Article by Kat Woodruff-Carter

It’s prom season, and you know what that means. Scurrying from place-to-place, last-minute hair appointments, 402 dress fittings, orange spray tans, spending way too much money, and telling your date they can not come in sweatpants. Oh, and don’t forget the flowers.

Prom this year is on Saturday April 23, 2022 and it is located at the Dash/Truist Stadium from 7:00-11:00. The theme is “Happily Ever After.” Tickets will be on sale from April 1st, which is a little ironic, and were no longer be available by the 19th. They are $40 a ticket, and no one over 21 years old is allowed to be a guest. IDs will be required by all attendees.

Are you extremely behind on prom planning? Are you seriously considering wearing sweatpants? Here’s how you can prepare a few days in advance. For my dress wearers, places like Hip Chic’s Formalwear, or small bridal shops are now super popular, but it may be too late to go shop. Macy’s, Belks, and Dillards all have very good prom dress selections; you may not be the only one in that dress, but you will still look stunning. My lovely last-minute people who want to wear suits and such, khakis will be your best friend. You can find them everywhere, they’re socially acceptable, and they make you look clean. Dress shirts are quite easy to find. You can walk into the men’s section at Walmart and find them in black, white, and royal blue. Wearing khakis and one of the shirts will pull in the “I don’t care but I really care” look. If you feel as if you want a blazer, try Goodwill. Do not be afraid to shop in the women’s section. A blazer is a blazer no matter what gender.

Nails and hair are something you would assume most people wouldn’t look at but for prom, details matter. Walmart, Walgreens, and likely your mother all have glue-on acrylic nails. It’s cheaper than going to a salon and with proper care lasts about a week. Paint said nails in a glitter polish so if you don’t hit every part of the nail, it will still look natural and normal. I strongly recommend a hand mask so you can hydrate any dry, cracked hands and have nice moisturized hands for your dancing partner. If you’re not feeling nails, you can get a manicure at most salons without color, allowing you to still have a posh hand massage and clear nails. In regards to hair, if you have long hair you can always do a simple braid or low-heat hairstyle. One thing I expect to see is high slicked-back ponytails. If you have short hair, add some mousse for volume and hairspray directly on a comb for flyaways. 

Shoes are never a huge factor until your feet are suffocating, blistering, and crying from doing the cupid shuffle too many times. Tennis shoes are a great idea, even if you only wear them dancing; your comfort is most important for a truly memorable night. The tennis shoes you should go for are Nike blazers or some similar variety of black and white shoes, all-white shoes or all-black shoes. Whatever you think will keep you comfortable as well as stylish. Be sure to break them in before prom.

Pictures are always such a big part of prom, so get an app that takes multiple pictures a minute to get those candid in-action shots. Whether you’re going with a date or with a group of friends, always have an individual shoot a few days beforehand just so you can do some with just yourself. If it’s your senior prom I highly recommend taking pictures at all your former schools. 

I hope everyone has a happily ever after night, drives safe, and packs some sweatpants for the car ride home. See you there!