Image by Matthew Brusseau

Article By Aria Tronsen

Matthew Brusseau is one of the newest additions to the Davie County High School Staff and War Eagle Family! In October, Mr. Brusseau took over as the band director for all of Davie High’s instrumental ensembles. He and his wife made the transition to Davie from Lincoln County for several reasons, one being the reputation of the Davie High Band program. Mr. Brusseau has had great success in his new position, evident in the two very successful concerts and MPA season that he has brought the bands.

Mr. Brusseau has many goals for the future including replacing old and broken instruments, building a wide range of musical skills with his students, and increasing the size of the program. Although many band programs have suffered significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the help of Mr. Brusseau, the Davie High Bands have stayed strong. Mr. Brusseau has said that he is very happy in his new position and is glad to be in a place where the students are so interested in the music and so motivated to do well.

The Davie High Band Program, Davie High School, and the Weekly Talon are glad to welcome Mr. Matthew Brusseau as the new band director and wish him luck as he continues to help the band grow and develop!