Article by Samual Davis

Image by Aria Tronsen

On Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 pm, the Davie High chorus program shared an amazing 50-minute presentation of their skills in their winter concert. The three choral arts classes convened in the high school auditorium with singers from Beginning Choral Arts, Cantare, and Concert Choir. 

Throughout the performance, songs were joined by the lovely Ms. Cheryl Halver as an accompanying pianist. Singers were also dressed in matching black masks, along with formal Christmas attire. The background colors also added a nice touch as they changed with the mood of each song. 

The concert began with the Beginning Choral Arts performing “Salsa Noel!” by Jerry Estes, “Mary, Mary” by Mary Donnelly and George L. O. Strid, and finally “Believe” from The Polar Express by Teena Chinn. There were 20 performers in this group who were able to sync their separate parts very smoothly.

Following this performance, the Cantare took the stage with about only 13 singers. They sang “Noel, Noel” by Linda Spevacek-Avery, with Ashley Tatum playing the flute smoothly with a lovely accompaniment. “The Hands of Winter” by Mark Hayes and John Parker was also a uniquely sung song with a perfect whispered ending. Finally from the Cantare was the classic “Winter Wonderland” by Andy Beck with Raegan Estep playing the Sleigh Bells in time while singing. 

The last class to sing was the Concert Choir with about 15 people. They opened with “Sure On This Shining Night” by Agee & Morten Lauridsen. This song had a select group of male singers lead, which was a well made choice. Following, “Jingle Bells” by Audrey Snyder with an interesting choral translation of the song. They ended the festive performance with another classic, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Doug Andrews. 

Overall, the Concert Choir was given more complex pieces; however, the work did dramatically pay off. With the combination of smooth pitch changes, gentle harmonization, and angelic overtones, this choir is certainly looking forward to a very bright future. 

To add a shining bow to this joyous gift, all the choirs came together to sing “Silent Night” by Joseph Mohr. Each singer had their own candlelight to read their music while they sang. The specialty shone through with all the choral members wrapping around the center audience section. With 48 people singing at once the audience was given a uniquely wondrous experience. It was a memorable ending to a breathtaking performance.