Written By: Madi Rogers

“After a tough match against Reagan in the Spring, I gave the team an ultimatum: you’re either going to work hard and do it my way, or you’re going to go home and not come back.” With these words, Coach Ferebee set the tone for the Davie Women’s Tennis team. This persistent group of girls would have a lot of hard work ahead of them in the upcoming season, but that hard work has paid off.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Davie Women’s Tennis team, it’s time to start. On September 30th, 2021 this group of hardworking girls once again returned to face Reagan High School, the same team they struggled with in the spring. Thursday’s match resulted in a 5-4 win for the War Eagles,  securing them their place as the CPC Conference Champions. 

Coach Ferebee explains, “They have gone from near the bottom of the standings to the top in one season. That’s a remarkable turnaround and it is a testament to the effort they have put in the last 6 months.” 

Davie High Women’s Tennis has not seen a season this successful for the past three years. With only three conference games left to play, our War Eagles are undefeated. When asked about how the team has conquered hardships, junior Sarah West Marklin says that like most high schoolers the past two years, they have struggled to find their way emotionally. “Every one of us has been under a ton of emotional stress this year and we have all been there for each other on and off of the court. This has made all of us a lot closer.” 

Hard work and dedication has allowed this War Eagle team to thrive. With some major sweeps and a few close calls, the stats don’t lie. This is an amazing team. Towards the beginning of the season, first seed player Karlie Quinn suffered a serious knee injury at the home match against Reagan. Many members of the team were shaken and anxious for the matches ahead. Quinn responded with her utmost support for her teammates and is looking forward to a return in 2022. Meanwhile, freshman Elliot Newsome has stepped up as the first seed position and has handled the pressure with maturity. 

From unexpected shifts in team rankings to the ever changing pandemic regulations, the team’s perseverance is something to be proud of. Junior Katelyn Cohen expresses what the entire team is thinking. “I am incredibly proud of all the hard work my teammates have put in and I am thankful for all the hours Coach Ferebee has dedicated to making sure our team is the best we can be.”  The discipline shown throughout the year has truly made the team, and every individual, the best that they can be. 

Senior Whitney DeLoach summarizes it best, “We worked extremely hard this summer and the long hours of conditioning and drills are finally paying off! It’s easy to tell that our footwork and consistency have changed dramatically in the course of only a few months. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve worked long and hard to earn each win.” 

And win they have. 

Davie High is very proud to call you ladies War Eagles. We all will be cheering you on through the end of your triumphant season. Though school spirit is strong, nothing could ever outweigh the heart of your coach. “I could not be more proud of this team.” says Ferebee. “They are a great team, but more importantly, they’re also wonderful people.” 

The next three matches are all on Davie’s home courts. Be sure to come watch this amazing team solidify their spot as the Piedmont 4A Conference Champions!

Davie High Varsity Women’s Tennis Max Preps

8/18 North Davidson (9-0)

8/23 @ Reynolds (6-3) 

8/24 @ Forbush (9-0)

8/30 Reagan (5-4)

9/7 West Forsyth (5-4)

9/13 @ Glenn (9-0)

9/15 Reynolds (6-3)

9/23 @ Mt. Tabor (7-2)

9/27 Mt. Tabor (6-3)

9/29 @ West Forsyth (5-4)

9/30 @ Reagan (5-4)

10/4 Parkland 

10/5 Parkland 

10/6 Glenn 

10/12 Conference Tournament @ Mt. Tabor



Karlie Quinn (injured) (Jr.)

  1. Elliot Newsome (Fr.)
  2. Tru Koren (So.)
  3. Whitney DeLoach (Sr.) 
  4. Sarah West Marklin (Jr.)
  5. Abby Fletcher (Sr.) 
  6. Leslie Newsom (Jr.) undefeated


Leslie Newsom & Gabby Thompson (Jr. So.) Undefeated 2-0

Elliot Newsome & Leslie Newsom (Fr. Jr.) Undefeated 7-0