Written By: Madi Rogers

Photography By: Heidi Dix

Friday, September 17th, the Davie War Eagles traveled to Winston-Salem to take on the R.J. Reynolds Demons. The game ended with a historic 73-28 win for Davie County! How do you put 73 points on the board in football? A team effort. And the War Eagles truly put forth a team effort with not only the offense, but also the defense and special teams contributing to this extremely high scoring game. 

The game gained energy quickly with an early touchdown by Tate Carney. 

The return from Reynolds was shut down by Markel Summers. Justin Hayes gained possession for Davie County with an interception of the ball tipped by cornerback William Purvis. 

After two unfortunate penalties for Davie County, pushing us back ten yards, there was an equally unfortunate interception by Reynolds. Logan Yokely prevented the Demons from running in the touchdown, but after yet another penalty for Davie County the Demons pass to the end zone was good and tied up the score 7-7. 

Davie County regained the lead quickly, with a huge leap by Zymere Hudson to receive a pass at the 31 yard line. After a fight for yardage by Zaharee Madox and an attempted touchdown by Tate Carney, the ball was finally caught in the endzone by Zymere Hudson. Due to a bad snap, the PAT was missed. The score was 13-7, Davie and the War Eagles were not slowing down. 

Reynolds took the lead for a split second after a touchdown and good PAT, but Davie was quick to respond with a long pass to Zymere Hudson! The PAT was good, and this was the start of Davie’s scoring streak. 

After a fourth down punt from Reynolds, Markel Summers ran two consecutive first downs followed by two first downs by Tate Carney and a touchdown by Zaharee Maddox. The score was 27-14, Davie. 

Freshman safety Coy James didn’t allow the scoreboard to stay the same for long with an interception he ran in for another War Eagle touchdown! With 5:14 left in the half, Davie County was on a roll!

At the end of the half the score was 41-14 with Davie County in the lead thanks to a last minute touchdown by Zaharee Maddox. 

The second half began with a sack by Matty Warner. Strong defense put the ball back into the War Eagles possession. Davie’s drive was stopped by the Demon defense. But the relentless Davie defense forced the ball to be turned over on downs. 

Brodie Smith received a massive pass from Alex Summers and ran in yet another touchdown for Davie County, and a PAT sent through the goal posts and into the trees brought the score to 48-14. 

Davie County kicked to R.J.R and our defense pushed the Demons back. A fourth down snap by Reynolds went over the quarterback’s head into the endzone. Reynolds chose to kick the ball out of bounds and that touch gave Davie 2 points on a safety, 50-14, Davie County. 

After advances by Zaharree, Zymere, and Markel; kicker and punter Palmer Williams had one of the most impressive plays in the game with a 47 yard field goal! This brought the score to 53-14.

With 11:53 left in 4th the Demons scored again. 53-21, Davie.

Davie coaches elected to put sophomore quarterback Ty Miller in the game for the rest of the quarter. After several first downs by Miller he ran the ball to rack up another set of points for Davie County.

Reynolds scored a hard fought touchdown to bring their score to 28, but Davie is proving unreachable.

Ty Miller with a major pass to wide receiver Aidan Froelich for a first down on the 26 yard line. Sophomore running back Markel Summers ran in his first touchdown of the night. A bad snap resulting in an attempted two-point conversion was not to be. 66-28, Davie.

Defensive player John Stokes recovered a fumble by Renyolds to score Davie’s last touchdown of the night. 73-28, Davie. There was 5:39 left in the 4th quarter, and Davie County walked away with one of the highest scoring victories in history. 

The offensive line deserves a mention. This season has seen many high scoring games by our War Eagles and that directly reflects the efforts by the players giving the quarterback and running backs the field they need to be making these giant plays.

This game would not have been as great as it was without the dedicated players and coaches of the War Eagle team. There were many amazing plays executed through teamwork and diligence by our Davie County football team. It is obvious that every member of the team has been working hard, and the practices are paying off!

Davie County football looks forward to seeing everyone at the home game against East Forsyth next week!