Article by Emma Green

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This year, Davie County High School Mock Trial moved on from Regional competition to State Competition and in May they will be competing at the National level! This year was an emotional rollercoaster for the team, however. We made it to the Regional Finals and competed brilliantly (I may be a little biased). Our team name was announced as the winners but it was later discovered that it was a miscall. We lost by one point. Ethan Page, a senior team member, described the emotions of that day. “When we initially had won regionals it was a huge moment of pride for me…” He said. After receiving the call from our coach telling us of the miscommunication, he said, “…losing just drew up a lot of anger…and no matter what, we felt like we were seriously wronged.” 

The state reached out and offered the team a spot at the state competition. After discussing it as a team, we were determined to show them that we did deserve to be there. We spent a month preparing and improving before the state competition arrived. After a nerve-wracking day and a half of competing, we headed to the final round. Hours were spent in a nail-biting trial full of anticipation, waiting to hear the results. Finally, it was revealed that Davie County High School would be moving on to the national competition. Another senior member, Luca Iacopi said about winning, “It still hasn’t hit me that we made it to Nationals.” 

The Mock Trial coach, Mrs. Caudle, also had some thoughts on the matter. “Our team works hard all year for one chance at Regionals to be a team who moves on to the next level.  This year, it all came together. We just spent last weekend competing at a level we had never done before.  And now, as we prepare for Nationals, this is all unknown territory for us.  We will face it, though, the same way we have faced everything so far this year: as a team.  Together, we have faced and overcome hardship.  This team is truly special.  These students put their hearts into what we do, and they hold themselves accountable for excellence.  I am immensely proud, and I cannot wait to represent Davie County and the state of North Carolina at Nationals in May!”

Thanks to the help of the team’s amazing coach and the two wonderful attorney mentors, Judge Carlton Terry and Wendy Terry, Davie Country was able to move forward in the competition, all the way to Nationals. 

What is Mock Trial? 

Mock Trial is a club at Davie County High School that simulates a real trial. At the beginning of the year are try-outs. Here you try out for both an attorney position and/or a witness position. Members spend the season learning and putting together a legal case. Then, in February, the team competes at Regionals for a chance to move to the next level. 

The Mock Trial team is always looking for new members for the next season and it certainly isn’t only for students wanting to go into law. As a member of the team, I joined because I wanted to improve my public speaking skills. Even though I’ve only been a part of the team for two years, I have become significantly better at public speaking. It is a wonderful way to practice acting and public speaking. It is also a great club to join if you want to be part of a team or just need something to do. Ethan Page said, “My motivation when I first joined was to just have something to do. When I got into it, I realized how much there is to it and wanted to learn more. Since that year, the goal has always been winning at the highest level possible.”  

Shameless plug for Mock Trial, if you are interested in joining mock trial next season, be sure to look for information at the beginning of next year or ask the coach, Mrs. Caudle.