Article by Ethan Price

This past Friday, the Davie High School football team crushed West Rowan High School 35-7 in its first home game of the season. The game took place at 7 o’clock at Davie High School, and it lasted till about 10 pm. The game is the first to be played amidst social distancing protocols designed to combat the spread of Covid-19. Despite this, the War Eagles’ decisive victory filled the stadium with infectious energy and left the crowd cheering louder than ever before, even in spite of the smaller crowd size. It was an event that everyone, parents and students alike, had been waiting for since the pandemic started almost a year ago.

In the distance, the Davie High Marching Band could be heard practicing for their first performance of the season. As the pre-game clock wound to a close, parents and students alike sat down to watch the game.

Davie took an early lead in the first half, scoring multiple touchdowns without giving up any points to the opposition. Davie’s defense also made a few key interceptions that stopped West Rowan dead in its tracks.

At halftime, the Davie High Marching Band performed “Daft Punk Medley” for the crowd along with the Dancing Boots. 

After halftime, Davie continued to beat back West Rowan, scoring multiple touchdowns and only allowing West Rowan to score once. 

As the buzzer blared at the end of the 4th quarter, cheers erupted from the stands as Davie High School celebrated its victory. 

Davie is on the road next Friday, March 12th against Reynolds High School with hopes of maintaining its currently undefeated record.

Go War Eagles!