Spirit Week


Spirit week is a great time for students to show their school spirit and enthusiasm! This past week, Davie High students definitely showed that their spirit is at an all-time high this year. Monday, seniors got to dress up as their funniest memes while underclassmen dressed as a part of their favorite teams.  Tuesday was heroes versus villains. Seniors, as well as the underclassmen, battled it out for the top costumes. On Wednesday, a true American day with aliens and cowboys, the school was filled with plaid and holographic leggings as well as out-of-this-world makeup. Throwback Thursday, there were leather clad seniors and brightly colored underclassmen with big hair. Friday, the school body got to collectively show their spirit, dressing in bright orange and camouflage. Not only for the day but also for the Homecoming game. This week was truly an extension in bringing out our individuality and creativity.




“I thought the 80’s day was really fun. It was the day that I could dress up the most and show the most spirit.” – Sarah McDowell

“I enjoyed Davie day the most because DCAW baby.” – Kevin Morgan 


“My favorite was Meme v.s. Team because it was funny seeing all my friends dress up as characters that we would watch in the movies.” – Josh Clark

“My favorite day of spirit week was 80’s day because I love the 80’s and bright colors.” – Haley Pillsbury 


“My favorite theme would have to be 80’s because it was fun to bring back old fashion even if it was for a day.” – Addyson Cox

“My favorite spirit day was dcaw because it was easy to dress up for.” – Eli Atkins


“I enjoyed Grease the most because 50’s were great.” – Jared Simpson 

“I liked space day because the outfits were cute and fun, I got to wear cool makeup.” – McKenzie Tomberlin
Alyssa Cashwell and Samantha Burcham